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Thanks for the clarifications Jcusey. I would like to add that yes, Macallan is a great whiskey, as is Talisker. Why did I look at this thread so early in the morning? My next drink of Scotch is 10 hours away
Yes, no peat in Bourbon. Rusty Nail is a great drink, good choce Kalra. I enjoy Old Fashioned vey much as well. A good night out would be an Old Fashioned followed by a Rusty Nail, a nice beer and cap it off with a Brandy Sidecar. I guess my night is all planned out.
All this talk of bourbon and scotch has made me thirsty and I still have 3 hours left at work ><
Scotch and bourbon are both whiskeys. Here are the general differences. The following statements are generalizations. Bourbon takes its name from Bourbon County, Kentucky. Small batch bourbons are single distillery brews, meaning they have not been blended with other whiskeys/bourbons/neutral spirits, and thus are akin single malt scotches. Scotch is usually 80 proof, bourbon is usually 100 proof. Bourbon is made from distilled corn, Scotch is made from various...
Dram is a measurement of liquid. Today it it is a measurement of scotch determined by the pourer ("Have a wee dram" is an invitation to take some Scotch). Found this: Dram: A weight, orig. the ancient Greek drachma; hence, in Apothecaries' weight, a weight of 60 grains = 1/8 of an ounce; in Avoirdupois weight, of 27.13 grains = 1/16 of an ounce; = drachm[b] So far as drinking, I enjoy it straight or with a little water.
What happens if you dont honor that? The bidder had to know it was a mistake ><
Jamie Oliver's recipes do not have many ingredients, are pretty simple and taste great. You can find them over at and check his shows Oliver's Twists and The Naked Chef.
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