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^^Those were made by machine.
A bluff edge may also have some invisible stitching holding the facing to the canvas anywhere from 1/4" to an inch from the edge. You won't see this stitching but you could feel it if doing the pinch test.
I'm afraid it's not for sale, but when we photograph the garment details I will of course share them.
@SoGent Why do you need HF fabric?
Unless your suit is from Oxxford or a good bespoke maker, this line is not stitched by hand but by blindstitch machine. And they are virtually all done by machine, whether you can feel it or not.The roll line, as it is called, has a tendency to gape, or pull away at the chest. To help prevent this, a piece of tape is sewn invisibly along this line, and as it is sewn it is being pulled to effectively shorten the roll line, which helps this area hug the chest. Sometimes...
We are looking for bags etc to store everything properly but first we will document and photograph it all. Maybe we can get you in to help us out...
We can talk Saturday. If I don't make it, come by the Northern Grade show at the Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO on Sunday. That would probably be right up your alley...Oh tons of stuff. What school are you at?
I'm in charge of tailored clothing design (including patterns and technical) for HSM.
From the Hart Schaffner & Marx archives. There are over 75 garments- hopefully they will all be properly photographed soon. During the war the factory was repurposed to make uniforms for the military; some of the items predate the company (which was founded in 1887) and we are trying to figure out where they came from.
Nordstrom on Michigan avenue has a wide range of options available for MTM in your price range. One advantage is that you can try on garments from multiple brands to find the best fit for your body and budget. It's trunk show season so you can be fitted by someone from the company rather than just a salesperson, and generally discounts are offered during the trunk shows (I know of at least one trunk show happening Saturday, March 22)
New Posts  All Forums: