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Go up a size or two until you find something that fits comfortably around your hips, then have a tailor take a pair of darts out of the waist- this reduces the waist but leaves the room in the seat. He can go straight through the waistband so it's easy to do.
Problems with the armhole, problems with the cross-back, problems with the shape of the sleeve relative to the armhole.Very far.If wide shoulders or padding or structure had anything to do with divots, this guy would have sinkholes big enough to swallow a car collection.
This, too, is incorrect. Improper fit causes divots, not width or padding or structure. See Frederick Scholte and Tommy Nutter.
This is incorrect.
The Brioni label is normally sewn on with a cross-stitch machine which looks like a hand stitch, not a zig-zag stitch machine. The Brioni interior is a trademark pocket which is fairly difficult to execute well- this is done on an automatic pocket machine, with a piping and saddle stitch which Brioni never use. The undercollar felt is cheap and sewn on with a zig-zag machine- Brioni does theirs by hand. Also it is what is known as a square gorge, again a cheap method...
This is absolutely fake.
People who make suits will tell you that steaming a suit is a very bad idea, for this reason (among others). What your suit needs is a good pressing. (I'm not able to make out your photo for some reason)
I really do. I had one that specialized in bi-national taxation (I live in the US and used to have rental property in Canada) but they were gouging me so when I sold my property in Canada I got rid of them too.
If I can really write off all my clothing purchases I would love to know more about it. Srsly.
Busy day for me. Columbia got in touch this week for the screening so I'm in.
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