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3 piece suits can be hard to find at retail, though the MTM options you mention are worth exploring. That said, If you find a blue suit you like off the peg at Suit Supply they can make you a vest out of the same fabric for about $120, depending on fabric. Zach, their MTM guy is a great guy and very knowledgeable.
If this is what the stitching looks like, it is supposed to be like that.
Dugdale Brothers- English & Town Classics Pick & Pick
My price list is a few years out of date but I will PM it to you if you are interested. Buttons are sold by the gross, 25% upcharge on orders less than a gross per size, style and color. Shantz Associates 585-924-0254
The H&S rep told me you would take a piece if they made more of it and I told them I wanted in too.
Thanks, Chris. I was really shitting bricks over that one....
Chris, these sleeves make me very happy. Awesome job.
Forward shoulders. When seated, the shoulders can hunch forward and can cause the shoulder to twist, as is the case in the first photo posted. When standing naturally, if the twist occurs on one or both sides, it is because your shoulders are pitched more forward than was accounted for when making the pattern- this can occasionally be fixed by a tailor but it's not cheap. You will usually feel pressure on the shoulder point as well.
You could eat off the floors of all the factories I have visited in China and none of them had foreign investment.No.
You are seriously considering building up your arms only just so you can still fit in to your suit? Oh. My. God.Yes it does- I have close to 40 suits that I can't wear anymore. I used to be able to fit into off-the-rack sizes fairly easily but not at all now; if you are serious about lifting, you had better get well acquainted with an MTM or custom suit maker.
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