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The Brioni label is normally sewn on with a cross-stitch machine which looks like a hand stitch, not a zig-zag stitch machine. The Brioni interior is a trademark pocket which is fairly difficult to execute well- this is done on an automatic pocket machine, with a piping and saddle stitch which Brioni never use. The undercollar felt is cheap and sewn on with a zig-zag machine- Brioni does theirs by hand. Also it is what is known as a square gorge, again a cheap method...
This is absolutely fake.
People who make suits will tell you that steaming a suit is a very bad idea, for this reason (among others). What your suit needs is a good pressing. (I'm not able to make out your photo for some reason)
I really do. I had one that specialized in bi-national taxation (I live in the US and used to have rental property in Canada) but they were gouging me so when I sold my property in Canada I got rid of them too.
If I can really write off all my clothing purchases I would love to know more about it. Srsly.
Busy day for me. Columbia got in touch this week for the screening so I'm in.
Quiet weekend Chris?
^^Those were made by machine.
A bluff edge may also have some invisible stitching holding the facing to the canvas anywhere from 1/4" to an inch from the edge. You won't see this stitching but you could feel it if doing the pinch test.
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