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This is absolutely fake.
People who make suits will tell you that steaming a suit is a very bad idea, for this reason (among others). What your suit needs is a good pressing. (I'm not able to make out your photo for some reason)
I really do. I had one that specialized in bi-national taxation (I live in the US and used to have rental property in Canada) but they were gouging me so when I sold my property in Canada I got rid of them too.
If I can really write off all my clothing purchases I would love to know more about it. Srsly.
Busy day for me. Columbia got in touch this week for the screening so I'm in.
Quiet weekend Chris?
^^Those were made by machine.
A bluff edge may also have some invisible stitching holding the facing to the canvas anywhere from 1/4" to an inch from the edge. You won't see this stitching but you could feel it if doing the pinch test.
I'm afraid it's not for sale, but when we photograph the garment details I will of course share them.
New Posts  All Forums: