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I hear it all the time from retailers that it's becoming increasingly impossible to find decent tailors to do alterations in-house so they are getting backed up with work. If a store is not able to service their own customers in a decent amount of time it stands to reason that they would not want to take in work on "outside" garments. Fok makes a good point about the examples not being analogous (I am a tailor and my brother is a goldsmith so I am somewhat familiar with...
I've started to sew again.
Thank you. Maybe for three months to start but then I will settle in Rochester at HF. In theory, anyway- these things can change.
I did some work with HF back when they belonged to HMX group (they were then sold to Samuelsohn, the company at which I started my career in the ready-made industry). I will be joining HF/Samuelsohn on a permanent basis in February so I can give a better report at that time.
Or maybe it's because the Euro has dropped from $1.34 to $1.07 over the last two years.Wow, there's a whole lot of misinformation in this thread...
Total length is relative. The top of the vent is usually about even with the pockets so the length will depend on the spacing of the pockets from the hem. Naturally, a shorter coat would have a shorter vent and vice-versa so forget about measurements and look instead at proportion.
Those back pockets...
GBR is well-known to be a grouch. Don't take it personally.
When Joseph Abboud was purchased by Men's Wearhouse they pulled out of all other doors, including Nordstrom, which created a big gap in Nordtsrom's product assortment. They were already doing well with DD furnishings so they worked with Jack Victor in Montreal to create a clothing line to complement the furnishings. Most if not all of JV's stuff is half canvas. There are a multitude of things other than just half canvas which will affect the fit of any garment.
I'm wondering whether I really want to wade in to this mess or not. But for my own curiosity, do you mind turning these inside out and showing the fronts? I'd like to see if they are lined, and if so, how it was done. The ones I have in my possession are peculiar and I wonder if that's something they do or if it was an aftermarket alteration.
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