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I could be interested.
Since when?
Hickey Freeman is capable to doing a lot more than just the two main silhouettes that most people are familiar with only because those are the ones that sell the most in any given market. As Tony said, there are others that include the C body, and still others which are even more advanced. That said, when a label signs a deal with any manufacturer, the manufacturer does not just produce whatever they feel like producing and slap a label on it; what will be produced under...
See also: unicorn; leprechaun; fairy godmother
If it is flattering, then it is a good fit. Good fit does not necessarily mean following every contour of the body.
Vicki Vasilopoulos' film Men of the Cloth will be screened tonight, April 28th at 5:30 at the Chicago Cultural Center; doors open at 5 and admission is free. A panel discussion and Q&A will follow. Members of the panel are Vicki (the film director), bespoke tailor Chris Despos, me, Nicholas Hansen of Nicholas Joseph, head tailor Joseph Genuardi of Martin Greenfield Clothiers, and master tailor Rocco Giovannangelo of Oxxford Clothes.
Absolutely right.
People talk about fitting a large sleeve into a small armhole in order to achieve maximum comfort and movement- the natural/bald shoulder has the smallest sleeve and least amount of fullness of all, and the rope shoulder has the largest sleeve and most amount of fullness. Draw your own conclusions about that. Sizing up will help certain things but make others worse. In order to fit my shoulder better, the armhole seam needs to be extended a bit and that requires some...
I couldn't disagree more. This is what I look like in natural/soft shoulders ,and the armhole seam is in the correct position for my acromion process.
Probably not. The widest part of the delt is lower down on the shoulder and this kind of shoulder expression has to be cut very close to the body- you will look like your delts are popping out of the sides of the sleeves which will be even more unsightly and draw more attention. Typically (and ironically) muscular shoulders need a bit of extension to create a smooth line.Having said all that, considering the fact that a wide shoulder-to-waist ratio is considered ideal,...
New Posts  All Forums: