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I'm wondering whether I really want to wade in to this mess or not. But for my own curiosity, do you mind turning these inside out and showing the fronts? I'd like to see if they are lined, and if so, how it was done. The ones I have in my possession are peculiar and I wonder if that's something they do or if it was an aftermarket alteration.
There will be a part three. Then the pents.
@carpu65 do you have the next page of this draft?
HMX ceased to exist a few years ago. Who does your aunt actually work for now?
Nice- can't wait!
Edward Green's Brummell. They were a MTO item for their 120th anniversay. My favorite shoe from them.
Post pics so we can see if it's really delamination or something else.
This is almost certainly fake, and his other stuff looks fishy as well. The labels are wrong, the way they are sewn on is wrong, the way the buttons are sewn on is wrong, the way the pockets are made is dubious.
Check your desk.
Lorenzo told me his grandfather moved from Rome to Paris in 1926.
New Posts  All Forums: