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Holy shit why do you care so much, I'm very inclined to believe there are other issues at play here, do you feel like a valuable part of society?
Yeah that ^
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon I don't get your point. What's wrong with the smoking industry? I enjoy eating shark/whale, so it is in my interest that the fishermen do not kill them to extinction. My view is that wild food resources should be used more responsibly. That means more regulation and perhaps higher prices. It does not mean that you or I should stop eating something, because somehow it has become morally wrong. Morality of what is right...
Just thought I'd shit up this thread by saying I'm going to be buying Goldeneye 007 for Wii bitches! Mwahahaaha.. That is all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I can't believe you're not Butter. Good .
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Judaism isn't considered organized religion? Sorry, edited my post.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician +1 How the fuck are people gonna believe in a magic rabbi if they don't have some social reject in cheap black polyester telling them that if they don't they're gonna have a flaming horn up their asshole the whole time they're dead? It's not like that shit is intuitive - and don't try to tell me people would figure that shit out just by picking up a bible. If people just got religious from reading books with no...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon My view on whales/dolphin/sharks, is that it is a commercial fishing problem, and not an issue of what is right or wrong to eat. There should be more commercial fishing regulation (worldwide) to protect the resources, even if it means higher prices for the consumer. So it's wrong for commercial fishers to hunt whale/shark/dolphin but it is ok/not wrong for you to support this by buying it? Those commercial...
StarCraft 2 has conjured up a black hole of time within my bedroom, somehow the days now all seem infinitely smaller.
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