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Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano I am disgusted by the brazen gall of anyone who voted for Obama and then complains that Palin is unqualified to be President. You retain your right to vote and participate, but you've lost your right to be taken seriously in any future debates. Hm, you are taking it as a given that Obama is unqualified, how did you come to this conclusion? And even if we take this to be true, can we not distinguish...
Quote: Originally Posted by dave333 I think if you get the SEA version, you can choose to play with the NA region. I'd look into that a bit. Game has problems, but damn fun. Beating it on brutal was one of the most fun campaigns I've done. Yes you can, I can't believe I forgot about this.
You should be able to use the Australian version, because the region is SEA (South-east Asia). I agree with you about the region locking, it is a fairly dog move on their part. I think part of the reason they did this though was to prevent region hoping and the consequent lag involved, but it's a poor excuse even so. With all its problems though I still gotta say between all the game modes, custom maps and the campaign + achievements, it's been a very entertaining and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube You know more people die in hospitals than anywhere else, don't you? Then the answer is clear.. We must ban hospitals!
Quote: Originally Posted by madmadigan LOL, I know I know, she is hott and does not need to lose anything. No I think there is something she can lose.
He was such a great comedian, I still have fond memories watching Naked Gun and SpyHard with my parents, one of the few comedians who didnt have to resort to toilet humour to be funny. Rest in peace.
Has anyone been playing custom maps lately? I've been playing Colonial Line Wars a good deal, pretty addictive. Thinking about making my own but not sure what kind of map I'd want to make. Ideas welcome .
Ah, styleforum.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire This is exactly what I was talking about above. I don't mean to say that she's socially stupid though, in fact I can probably agree with you that she seems to have a clue in how to get the winning vote, with her popularity as evidence of this. It's just I wonder about those putting so much stock into this kind of character. I mean a leader still has to make decisions and have some form of basic intelligence,...
It seems more semantics than anything. I think we can all agree that one's character and social skills have a strong impact on their leadership abilities, it's just that some like myself consider this a facet of intelligence - namely social intelligence - while others see it as something seperate and perhaps more personal & subjective (and not lending itself to a yard stick of any sort). But either way I don't think many would argue that having the purely classic form of...
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