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StarCraft 2 has conjured up a black hole of time within my bedroom, somehow the days now all seem infinitely smaller.
If people start putting the accent on the 'a' I'll start 'ing.
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent I'm happiest when I'm dreaming? :shrug: I find this too actually, and not because my life is an unhappy one (which I take it isn't your case as either). It's almost like a form of meditation for me, a part loss of self that allows you to act more impulsively and naturally than you would if you were fully aware.
So Mixx which part of Nevada are you from?
They would be if they didn't treat you with civility, respect and consideration; and the reputation of corporations for being 'big and evil' certainly has something to do with companies that are devoid of such virtues. Really I'm not even sure how this is even arguable. If you're not making any considerations for the woman behind the female body, then - if not hatred - you are in the least expressing contempt for the woman's character (her person, who she is), which is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mixx Actually, if you read my full reply, I was not really talking about Americans mispronouncing Australian places. I specifically mentioned the corresponding equivalence of hypothetical Australian reactions to Australian national news media mispronunciations of Adelaide as Idol-Ide or Hobart as Hahh-bart. In Oregon and Nevada, we have, for a long time, been subjected to American Eastern news media sloppiness in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mixx It is not an accent, it is the proper English pronunciation of our state for 150 years. An accent would be like some New Yorkers "choosing" to pronounce their state as "New Yawk". Nevadans are quite forgiving of foreigners mispronouncing the state, however, once corrected, I would hope you would adopt the correct pronunciation. I'm guessing that you do not pronounce Illinois as Illi-noise. If not, why not? Isn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ivar Please elaborate on why you think that misogyny, which is commonly understood to mean "hatred of women", is applicable to this thread. Really? You don't correlate the objectifying of women with hating them? How would you feel if people wanted to use you like a piece of meat? Loved?
What about us Australians? Do we have to adopt your american accent or can we say the word the way its natural to us? How about all the other ethnicities that might not harbor your ideal american tongue? And most importantly, why don't people have better things to think about then who is pronouncing their state incorrectly? It's just as curious that the people complaining all happen to be those that are associated with the mispronounced state, I guess it only matters when...
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense This is perfect in my eyes.
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