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I like how "rich" is part of the equation, up yourself much? Also I'd be VERY interested to hear what her definition of "poor" constitutes .
Quote: Originally Posted by akatsuki Prozac and most SSRIs are no more effective than placebo. Here is a layperson's article: http://www.newscientist.com/article/...-patients.html I'd check through your vitamin levels and hormones if your doc hasn't (most don't bother and jump right to SSRIs). This might be true in some cases, but I don't believe this to be as hard and fast as it appears in the article. I think this would be more a symptom of...
This thread needs more pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason That kind of person is the last kind I'd willingly fight. Desperate people, no matter how they look, are fucking scary because they'll do fucking anything. Some frat-boy dipshit with gym muscles, no worries, but some meth-head who probably has sucked dick for a score is the last person you want to get involved with. Unless you want your dick sucked. I have heard that people on drugs are the most difficult to...
Mass Effect is all glitter and polish in my opinion, sure it has a great story and amazing graphics & cinematics, but the gameplay is mediocre at best.
Pretty funny.
People's tastes differ, shock, horror.
I have a question though for those who find dreams to have no value, purely for inquisition sake. If dreams have no value, then why do they exist? What biological purpose does dreaming serve? Secondly, if they are simply random sets of memories, might they still have an artistic value, in their subverting consciousness? Or do dreams really subvert the conscience?
Quote: Originally Posted by bare bodkin I don't. "Homophobic" is a word that smug PC undergrads throw around to make themselves seem enlightened and tolerant. Keep trying to categorize people under *isms and I'll keep on not giving a fuck. You can't get inside my head and find out what my prejudices are, and even if you could, they might change at any moment. You admitted that you were wrong and now you've just gone full circle again and...
Quote: Originally Posted by dave333 I think if you get the SEA version, you can choose to play with the NA region. I'd look into that a bit. Game has problems, but damn fun. Beating it on brutal was one of the most fun campaigns I've done. Yes you can, I can't believe I forgot about this.
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