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It makes me happy to see Dune quoted here. Great fit too.
Well you kind of have to respecvYeah I don't really agree with their philosophy, but I respect their ability to maintain their brand. I mean if Armani and all the usual luxury brands were readily accepted within SZ, would it still have the image it currently has? It's pretty smart of them to be so persistent, and it probably makes regular posts feel a bit special knowing the forum is more exclusive than others. Besides, it would be boring if all the fashion forums were the...
I think it's important for people to be open minded though, because there are still elements SW&D can borrow from CM, such as the awesome shoe preferences and great use of colours. I recently saw this fit in CM, and even though I couldn't see myself wearing it from a style point of view, the use of colours and patterns was pretty inspiring and would definitely work in an SW&D fit.
Others can correct me if I'm wrong but I think the main struggle would be justifying the purchase of a suit from brands like CCP. Reasons I could see for someone being hesitant would be:- The suit being too casual for work or formal events, yet too formal for regular wear- Being of similar price to some bespoke suits which have a more clearly defined purpose- Less versatile, as you would rarely wear the pants or jackets separatelyFrom a purely aesthetic point of view I'm...
Who's the jacket by? You wear it surprisingly well.
adiosditto: top notch, favourite fit I've seen so far. Great proportions and love how the shirt goes with the shoes.
Hello. Please excuse the unmade bed and camera phone, wasn't planning to post it but here we are. Marc Jacobs Diesel RO
It was a call center job for a liquor company, and call center jobs around here usually have a business casual dress code from my experience. Though you're right to be safe I probably should have erred on the side of being over-dressed than under-dressed, only problem is I have so few business clothes that fit me properly, I almost thought it would reflect worse on me if my clothes were ill-fitting than if they were slightly too casual.
Hello SF, long time no post. Had a small job interview today so I decided to dress up a bit. Alternative Shirt close-up Shoes close-up Shirt: Jil Sander Tie: Raf Simons, wool Pants: Yohji Yamamoto Shoes: Alden 901's
I like how "rich" is part of the equation, up yourself much? Also I'd be VERY interested to hear what her definition of "poor" constitutes .
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