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Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube You know more people die in hospitals than anywhere else, don't you? Then the answer is clear.. We must ban hospitals!
Quote: Originally Posted by madmadigan LOL, I know I know, she is hott and does not need to lose anything. No I think there is something she can lose.
He was such a great comedian, I still have fond memories watching Naked Gun and SpyHard with my parents, one of the few comedians who didnt have to resort to toilet humour to be funny. Rest in peace.
Has anyone been playing custom maps lately? I've been playing Colonial Line Wars a good deal, pretty addictive. Thinking about making my own but not sure what kind of map I'd want to make. Ideas welcome .
Ah, styleforum.
Ech, I find this all too tasteless, it's like a gay version of diesel.
Gotta admit this is pretty nifty, especially like the feature to download an entire gallery of images as a zip file, will see if I can make some use of this.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Tweed suit (Yes, same shirt as in the earlier fit.) I really like the style, the tweed, gingham & suede are all working well together, but I think the jacket is a hair too big in the shoulders and chest, giving it that boxy look. It's especially noticable in contrast with those very slim pants.
^ Possibly the worst thread to make that sort of comment. Though I do kind of agree.
Agree that her face could be better in photos, but somehow she looks stunning in the video above. For some reason she reminds me of Uma Thurman.
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