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Price drop to $450 USD for this essentially brand new BBS shirt.
Price drop to $470 USD ($604 AUD) from $505 USD.
Hello, This is a brilliant black object-dyed sheer cotton shirt from BBS' AW 14/15 collection. Please note this is a women's shirt, and will not fit even the tiniest of men (I am such a man, it does not fit me). Fits extremely small which is the reason I'm selling it, measurements are below. Never worn out, only tried on and found it was too small for me. Comes with the original bag. Can be worn closed or open, the collar can be buttoned in two ways (see pics). Sleeves...
Hello, These are a pair of recently purchased used black Kuboraum A1's. As the photos show they are in great condition, are very well made, and have a unique burnt finish. Unfortunately as I am rather small and have a very narrow face, they were too large for me to wear, so I have to pass them on. I paid $280 USD for them, and am selling them for SOLD, as I have only tried them on for size since receiving them. As you can tell by doing a search online, the retail for...
Were you in 'Wild Wild West'?
It makes me happy to see Dune quoted here. Great fit too.
Well you kind of have to respecvYeah I don't really agree with their philosophy, but I respect their ability to maintain their brand. I mean if Armani and all the usual luxury brands were readily accepted within SZ, would it still have the image it currently has? It's pretty smart of them to be so persistent, and it probably makes regular posts feel a bit special knowing the forum is more exclusive than others. Besides, it would be boring if all the fashion forums were the...
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