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I've recently upgraded my integrated amplifier and am now looking to replace my CD changer. My current setup is pretty basic, and I'm not interested in anything more than two channel stereo. I had a nice, somewhat high-end 5.1 set-up before and quickly grew bored with it. Current setup is as follows: Amplifier: McIntosh MAC6700 Speakers: B&W 805N CD transport: Pioneer Elite PD-F19 using digital coax out. The nice thing about my current player is that it holds 300 discs;...
Thanks. Jacket came out beautifully. I will most likely return for more. Mark is a class act and insisted on extra fittings to get everything right.
Could go well with seersucker
Thanks!Yes, he did mention to me about his buttonhole person. The ones I saw looked quite nice. I thought the fit was mostly spot-on with the exception of the shoulders, but it was hard to see where the drape will be, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it's shaping up.
Thanks for the insight. My main concern at the first fitting was that the shoulders were a little too extended and Mark agreed to take them in a hair. Everything else looked good. Mark has been very professional throughout the process and a pleasure to work with. He's clearly passionate about the product.This is my first "drape" jacket, so I'm viewing it as an experiment. I wasn't informed that the jacket was made in a factory though. Greenfield?
We're you happy with the result? Also, thought it was bespoke? I'm going for a 2nd fitting on a jacket there soon
SOTD: Royal English Leather. I've had this bottle for over 3 years and have maybe used 10% of it. I like it but am rarely in the mood for it. Nice on a rainy day when you're not going anywhere though
You're probably right. It's weird, but I have no problem wearing Mitsouko, which is my go-to scent, or even Shalimar, but No. 5 does strike me as too feminine
SOTD: Creed Royal Oud. I've sampled this three times now and have never gotten it. My wife told me I smelled like a cheap hotel shampoo. It seems overloaded with Angelica. I had to scrub it this afternoon. SOTE: Chanel No.5, borrowed from my wife. I would wear this in public if it wasn't so iconic and easily identifiable.
Yea, I didn't think it was worth the price. I thought it lacked subtlety as well when compared to MitsoukoInteresting. Might try it again then. My wife hated it though, despite somewhat liking Mitsouko.
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