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Oh good, I was getting tired of carefully curating my private select of timeless gear.
Haha thanks dude. A while back in RFT I said I was 5'3" and I think some people took me seriously. Also whenever I tell people IRL my height they're like "oh, I thought you were taller than that." Long limbs, I guess.
About 5'10", why?
Edward jacket, I don't think it's been produced for a few seasons. I bought it towards the end of the summer, this is the first time I've worn it. I'll probably pair it with the Grundahl wizard coat for max ridiculousness when it gets colder.
I was going to do something for the incongruity challenge today, but I guess my NiCo boots are missing a heel. I'll try to come up with another plan. Instead, here's this. [[SPOILER]] Third pic has the most accurate colors.EG/Sarti/JCrew/ZamB/Buttero
I'd be really into those black viberg x guidi if they had a black midsole, welt, etc. and less crazy laces.
I have a plan. Hopefully I can avoid making eyes bleed?
Ghostface, I'm so into it. You look super cool.
When I see an EG jacket with the collar popped I feel like
Always be just a little bit drunk.
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