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I've reported every Isachenko post that I would consider offensive, I'm not going to dig through his post history and expose myself to that again.And with regards to your request for unprovoked bigorty - is that somehow more offensive than provoked bigotry? When he called Brad a tranny, was Brad somehow asking for it?
I'm sorry, but how is his bigotry not over the top? Isachenko's transphobia and homophobia is making SF a hostile environment. Complacency on the part of moderators and hall monitors is a tacit endorsement.
Have you ever seen synth's face? How can you be sure there's only one synth?
Post count is like an old fashioned odometer, jet's rolled over a few years ago.
Somebody please do "Holding a Drink" as their topic for the SW&D weekly challenge. Entrants will be graded for complexity of recipe, creativity, ABV, etc.
Last time I was in Independence I almost bought a panda print gitman vintage shirt. I think I would have regretted that one. Looks really good, fishbones.
My roommate rides one, and has a love/hate relationship with it. I have a fascination with it that I'm willfully ignoring.
notwithit, this might be my favorite from you. The color palette is awesome, I'd wear it in a heartbeat. Also one of the only stark fits I've really liked. Really sharp looking.
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