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Her guitar has the Christiania flag on it
I can't imagine a way to make this thread better. Synth provides the perfect lens for us to gaze into the terrifying maelstrom of pitti. I think this rambling, informal coverage is the perfect prelude to more formal brand writeups - definitely better than the deluge of random pictures we've received in years past. I also like the balance between clothes talk and other debauchery. And what clothes talk there is here highlights brands that are virtually unknown (cape guys,...
I like everything about this.
Three pages and the thread has already descended into sizing talk.
I really like the Transit Uomo stuff, surprising no one.
I, for one, am thrilled for Synthese to introduce me to what I'll be wearing 6mo-1yr from now.
Detail/Texture/Color: EGx2/AllSaints/Jcrew/JohnElliot/Buttero/ChesterJefferies
^ 1 sarti, 3 total. This is pretty much the only one I ever wear, though.
Hello styleform RRL/Sarti/Geller/Jcrew/Gitman/JohnElliot
I have been very happy with mine, probably going to order a pair in buffed hogskin soon.
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