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I couldn't get a decent picture, so here are two bad ones: EG/Sarti/Handknit/Gitman/JohnElliot/Buttero/OfficineCreative
I agree that older SMZ is awesome, horses in the sky is one of my all-time favorite albums. But I much prefer this new album to the newer godspeed stuff, which seems pretty dry / unadventurous by comparison. I also liked Efrim's solo album from a year or two back a lot.
Send them a letter with a stegosaurus drawn on it.
It's as good as anything they've done, imo. I've been enjoying it a lot.
I have little/no interest in Diemme but I read this because it's Synthese and I have no regrets.
I like this a lot more than I have the past few seasons. And that model who looks like de niro in Taxi Driver Fave look:
Lorcan that's really really good.
Stitches I think this is my favorite from you, textures look nice and I like the more rounded toe.
He is one of us; he is the best of us.
Officially requesting to have Synth sent to Paris / Milan menswear shows, Capsule, Bread & Butter, etc.
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