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Seriously dude? I know this is internet bro zone, but do we have to jump to sex and rape jokes every time somebody posts a picture of a girl? It's especially dumb in this case because she's dressed in a style that explicitly rejects sexualization.
...is that a deer ?
Heh, women these days, am I right fellas? Always trying to be in relationships they actually want to be in. Acting like entitled children. Why can't they appreciate what a great guy I am? Why can't they just shut up and accept the banal disappointment of our relationship??
sbm iso sf: must be willing to settle............. forgive rampant ellipsis abuse
Like you haven't said fartvapor a half dozen times already today.
There are so many people who deserve to win this Really excellent turn out!
I couldn't get a decent picture, so here are two bad ones: EG/Sarti/Handknit/Gitman/JohnElliot/Buttero/OfficineCreative
I agree that older SMZ is awesome, horses in the sky is one of my all-time favorite albums. But I much prefer this new album to the newer godspeed stuff, which seems pretty dry / unadventurous by comparison. I also liked Efrim's solo album from a year or two back a lot.
Send them a letter with a stegosaurus drawn on it.
It's as good as anything they've done, imo. I've been enjoying it a lot.
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