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Aww buddy you don't have to blur your face I'm sure it's totallyoh god nevermind.
+1It's bad, imo
For a second I thought this was about the catheter
Glad you finally get it.
thnxGreat pieces? They do nothing to flatter the female form. It came off as sexless and sterile.
it's bad, imo.Also Ann D is sort of depressing. Not that I think it's awful, but it's just so basic.
lol styleforum
Thanks for a perfect example of the kind of thinking that prevents change.You don't know what you're talking about and I'm not going to get into it anymore.Mods, ban me.
I'm sure there are people who fetishize lolita, but the beauty of the situation is that in doing so they're essentially outing themselves as creeps. And getting back to the point, none of what you said means that people should get a free pass on being gross and making dumb jokes.ENLIGHTEN ME, MOTHERFUCKER.
So what? People shouldn't dress that way because there are perverts out there? Everyone should probably just put burlap sacks on, just to be safe.
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