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So what? People shouldn't dress that way because there are perverts out there? Everyone should probably just put burlap sacks on, just to be safe.
How can something call for fetishization? Is it like asking to be raped? Maybe the comparison is extreme, but the over the top, almost aggressive innocence of lolita is in many ways meant to subvert the male gaze. It takes "moe/kawaii" culture and turns it up to 11, bringing with it a new set of aesthetic values that deliberately puts off random dudes on the street while providing an avenue to build a kind of non-mainstream, but still distinctly feminine, identity.
Seriously dude? I know this is internet bro zone, but do we have to jump to sex and rape jokes every time somebody posts a picture of a girl? It's especially dumb in this case because she's dressed in a style that explicitly rejects sexualization.
...is that a deer ?
Heh, women these days, am I right fellas? Always trying to be in relationships they actually want to be in. Acting like entitled children. Why can't they appreciate what a great guy I am? Why can't they just shut up and accept the banal disappointment of our relationship??
sbm iso sf: must be willing to settle............. forgive rampant ellipsis abuse
Like you haven't said fartvapor a half dozen times already today.
There are so many people who deserve to win this Really excellent turn out!
I couldn't get a decent picture, so here are two bad ones: EG/Sarti/Handknit/Gitman/JohnElliot/Buttero/OfficineCreative
I agree that older SMZ is awesome, horses in the sky is one of my all-time favorite albums. But I much prefer this new album to the newer godspeed stuff, which seems pretty dry / unadventurous by comparison. I also liked Efrim's solo album from a year or two back a lot.
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