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Ohhh jeez Who that's pretty mean Who you know what has the poor guy ever said ever done to you? He's just doing his thing doing b- being a space pope trying to look like a homeless astronaut or something
^ I don't think it's crazy popular, but they distribute out here and for the price you could do a lot worse. But honestly I just have the hat because my uncle sent it to me.
^ Your feedback is invaluable
Here's me trying to make a Dale's Pale Ale hat not look stupid. I ended up putting real shoes on.And shirt untucked: [[SPOILER]] EG/EG/Uniqlo/Birks
Aww buddy you don't have to blur your face I'm sure it's totallyoh god nevermind.
+1It's bad, imo
For a second I thought this was about the catheter
Glad you finally get it.
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