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I had an awful time and it's literally all your fault.
Me and c4est, I hope. Happy birthday, big boy. e: I'm in
I'll be there, and probably also inappropriately drunk.
It's me, I requested it.
That sounds way too clever and self aware for SZ.I want to see one with a dude who's alone at an ambient / noise show, awkwardly standing on the sidelines and browsing SZ from his phone between sets.
x-post from the androgyny challenge thread, everyone go enter! EG/WGACA/45rpm/EG/JE+C/Buttero
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that's cool
I'm an FWK girl. EG/WGACA/45rpm/EG/JE+Co/Buttero
God, Synth, show us something we can actually buy for once, why dontcha. I want ShoppingForum, not AppreciateatadistanceForum.
It's good, imo. The knit peacoat is kinda nuts. I want the navy herringbone down vest in the last pic.
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