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I'm an FWK girl. EG/WGACA/45rpm/EG/JE+Co/Buttero
God, Synth, show us something we can actually buy for once, why dontcha. I want ShoppingForum, not AppreciateatadistanceForum.
It's good, imo. The knit peacoat is kinda nuts. I want the navy herringbone down vest in the last pic.
(Hopefully?) the last time I'll wear the shawl and toj this winter
Ugh that grey peak lapel windowpane jacket is everything. Excellent write-up, as always.
Spacepope answer is great.
Ohhh jeez Who that's pretty mean Who you know what has the poor guy ever said ever done to you? He's just doing his thing doing b- being a space pope trying to look like a homeless astronaut or something
^ I don't think it's crazy popular, but they distribute out here and for the price you could do a lot worse. But honestly I just have the hat because my uncle sent it to me.
New Posts  All Forums: