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Geller hat from the sample sale came today, and it's too big. I don't know if it suits my face anyway.
I'm not a watch wearer and I understand where you're coming from, but it's also kind of a testament to how iconic that design is. If you ask somebody off the street to imagine a watch, they probably think of something like a submariner.
I ordered a pair of green, cashmere-lined deerskin gloves from chester jeffries last year, very good value for money. I was just thinking I should get another pair in black. Let me know how the capeskin is if you decide on that.Or maybe I should do camel leather.Or parchment.Or amethyst.
Is that the fashion outlets of chicago place? Anything worth seeing?
nice socks and underwear, a good ring or two, maybe a scarf. I'm pretty content, but I'm sure I'll end up a buying a shirt or something.
We've reached peak styleforum.
Sounds hot as hell, I'm dtf (down to fight). Let's do it.
new band name I call itedit: would be cool to wear menses jeans with dior gunshot wound shirt. blud.
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