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We've reached peak styleforum.
Sounds hot as hell, I'm dtf (down to fight). Let's do it.
new band name I call itedit: would be cool to wear menses jeans with dior gunshot wound shirt. blud.
you strike me as the kind of person who would be very active on twitter, though.
There's more info in the Epaulet affiliate thread - no official price yet, but they should come in under $300. Which is frankly strange, because that puts them near MMM GAT territory, and they just look kinda weird.
^ IIRC this is something Geller spoke about in that interview c4est did a while back. It's kind of an interesting bind to be in. As a consumer, when you walk into Barneys or wherever to check out Geller, you'll usually find a sweatshirt, some tees, maybe a pair of jeans or a scarf. It's just the low-risk stuff that sells well. But when you're only seeing the basics from each line, there's not much to differentiate them by. So why are you looking at Geller's sweatshirts and...
I think it looks nice, wearing it loose suits your style. Is yours also the unlined cotton / linen version? Maybe SF Robot will do a bedford battle this week or something.
I bought and subsequently sold a WM shirt a while back. Fit was very short and boxy, with high armholes and super narrow shoulders. Kinda awkward all around.
I think it's part of the general shift towards more clean / minimal styles. Simple black or grey trousers, sidezips, hidden placket shirts, etc. have all gotten a lot of attention in the past year or two. It's not really what I like to wear, but I don't think it's necessarily bad.
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