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I think it looks nice, wearing it loose suits your style. Is yours also the unlined cotton / linen version? Maybe SF Robot will do a bedford battle this week or something.
I bought and subsequently sold a WM shirt a while back. Fit was very short and boxy, with high armholes and super narrow shoulders. Kinda awkward all around.
I think it's part of the general shift towards more clean / minimal styles. Simple black or grey trousers, sidezips, hidden placket shirts, etc. have all gotten a lot of attention in the past year or two. It's not really what I like to wear, but I don't think it's necessarily bad.
I had no idea Acne was so popular. Last time I handled some of their stuff (maybe a year ago?) everything felt cheap, especially leathers. Prices are kinda ridiculous given the quality, imo.
Probably better in terms of length, but the bedford is unvented and flares out a bit near the bottom. It might look awkwarda size up, I dunno.
Every day I wear the same things :/
I agree trousers would have been nice, but I don't really have anything that would fit the bill. The hem actually isn't ribbed, that's just a tank top peeking out underneath.
Sorry it's another mirror pic. Margiela / nudies / Buttero
sufu hates everything, even sufu.
This is more exciting than that time Teger mailed me flower pasties.
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