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Under the duck shirt, of course.
If you've never had popeyes you might as well be Canadian.
Two more for the block list.
So I just ordered those frames. I found them significantly cheaper than a few others I was looking at (Cutler and Gross, Linda Farrow, Garrett Leight), and that sealed the deal for me.
d d d double post
^ applies to you more than anyone. Well, maybe SvB has you beat.
Synth, I just want to say that I love the essays under "What this looks like:". This wandering, everyman narrator who bumps into all sorts of colorful characters reminds me of the better parts of Augie March. But in a way it's also like how I experienced WAYWT for a while when I first joined, and still do to some extent. You come to this site and see people dressed in ways that are totally foreign, and it's like, "where the hell does this guy come from? What does he do...
You guys are making me think I need to drive over to Boston this weekend and check some things out. It's a whole new world for me over here!
Should I buy these frames? They're Barton Perreira. I'm looking for something new in the same shape as what I have now. Other suggestions are very welcome.
I'm in love with this.
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