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Should I buy these frames? They're Barton Perreira. I'm looking for something new in the same shape as what I have now. Other suggestions are very welcome.
I'm in love with this.
I was also really impressed with the Barena stuff I saw at Barney's in chicago. The materials were all very nice, and I'm a sucker for that kind of soft tailoring so of course I was into it. I would probably be saving up for a piece or two if I didn't already own like five casual blazers. Gonna be done with outerwear for a while...
Mesh over tweed All the materials look really excellent, actually. Do you know if those skirt panel things are separate pieces, or attached to the jackets?
This is really cool looking, do you have any info on stockists, etc.?
good thread sipang
Your collection of moog pedals is cool but everything else about this is really lame? I dunno, mixed feelings.
Does anyone here wear glasses that aren't black, tortoise, or another "standard" color as an everyday thing? Does it make coordinating outfits more difficult? Do you ever get tired of seeing it on your face? I kinda want a pair of olive frames. Would likely get the same / similar shape to what I have now, though.
Thewho, I sat down and read like half of death ray at the MCA on Saturday due to recognizing your avatar. Cool stuff.
I got to check out Gallery Aesthete on Friday, seems like a pretty cool place. I was just cruising around waiting for my friend to get off work when I recalled hearing about it, but I couldn't remember the name or where it was located, so I thought I was I was out of luck. Not 30 seconds later a dude decked out in RO (I think?) approached me, handed me a little booklet about the place, and directed me through an unmarked door. It was like the room of requirement or some...
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