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It would help if you didn't act like "subjective" means "beyond reproach"Look! It's you making this about bodies! That thing you said you didn't do!
One day Synth will feature himself, and Fok will close the forums for good.
Holy shit I forgot about this. Sorry I didn't end up living in Cinci. On the other hand I met VitaTimH today, so I can't be that bad at it.
lol I kinda did the same thing to fishbones and now I feel really awkward. I was being optimistic with my free time, I guess. If you're in the northeast again I'll buy you popeyes to make up for it.
Under the duck shirt, of course.
If you've never had popeyes you might as well be Canadian.
Two more for the block list.
So I just ordered those frames. I found them significantly cheaper than a few others I was looking at (Cutler and Gross, Linda Farrow, Garrett Leight), and that sealed the deal for me.
d d d double post
New Posts  All Forums: