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When I see an EG jacket with the collar popped I feel like
Always be just a little bit drunk.
Blood sacrifice at the Temple of Slimane. I dunno, these are the first raw denim I've owned in years. Two weeks in and they've just kinda settled that way.
Plokhov? Ervell? EG? ts(s)? Barena? Kapital? Buttero? Coppens? I dunno. Aitor Throup
Beep boopThis one came out blurry but I kinda like it anyway: [[SPOILER]]
Friends visited this weekend, we decided to go to NYC. Good times!
Oh you noticed !! It's mostly habit, but 9/10 times I reach for a sweater before a jacket when it gets cold. Dressing for the weather is a matter of progressive layering.shirt -> shirt + sweater -> shirt + sweater + jacket -> shirt + sweater + coat -> shirt + sweater + coat + coat -> shirt + sweater + coat + coat + coat . . . + coat -> Infinite Coat Regress -> it finally gets warm again.
20 thumbs in 20 minutes.. Parker is going to break the forums with this one.
Woah I like that this exists. I perused like two dozen pages, found one outfit I thought was cool - the dude's suit looked like David Byrne in Stop Making Sense, but I think it was probably unintentional so I dunno.
Three days in a row! Can't be stopped! Geller / All Saints / BoO / John Elliot / Buzz Rickson
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