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Oh hey, I think that middle pink flannel with the bond collar is mine. Or, mine is exactly that. Either way, it looks very nice in person, but I wasn't expecting the cuffs and collar to be so rigid. I'm assuming it'll soften up with some washes?
I got the navy moleskin bedford from fw14 and wore it almost every day that winter/spring. It's substantial and does a good job keeping out wind/snow. Will probably get the olive one this year.
I ordered a few things for fall from the sale, and the delivery guy left this sitting on top of the package: What are you trying to tell me???
This is so fucking cool.
Ta-da!! thanks for the thumbs, guys.Glad synth has finally crossed over to full-on 45rpm lookbook mode.
More lifestyle than WAYWT, but here's me wearing EG and Epaulet in the Hartford Courant today. Good luck with the album release, Alex! We're doing our EP release tonight as well.
What else did you expect from BLOWZ SHOP?
Obviously unfamiliar with modern methods of non-Euclidean tailoring.
xpost from WAYWT:
Inspired to post by tween and synth's excellent looksBack & Texture: [[SPOILER]] Rag & Bone / Harris Wharf / SNS Herning / All Saints / EG / Uniqlo / Buttero
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