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I'll be there, and probably also inappropriately drunk.
It's me, I requested it.
That sounds way too clever and self aware for SZ.I want to see one with a dude who's alone at an ambient / noise show, awkwardly standing on the sidelines and browsing SZ from his phone between sets.
x-post from the androgyny challenge thread, everyone go enter! EG/WGACA/45rpm/EG/JE+C/Buttero
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that's cool
I'm an FWK girl. EG/WGACA/45rpm/EG/JE+Co/Buttero
God, Synth, show us something we can actually buy for once, why dontcha. I want ShoppingForum, not AppreciateatadistanceForum.
It's good, imo. The knit peacoat is kinda nuts. I want the navy herringbone down vest in the last pic.
(Hopefully?) the last time I'll wear the shawl and toj this winter
Ugh that grey peak lapel windowpane jacket is everything. Excellent write-up, as always.
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