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What else did you expect from BLOWZ SHOP?
Obviously unfamiliar with modern methods of non-Euclidean tailoring.
xpost from WAYWT:
Inspired to post by tween and synth's excellent looksBack & Texture: [[SPOILER]] Rag & Bone / Harris Wharf / SNS Herning / All Saints / EG / Uniqlo / Buttero
clothes are good, IMO
Everyone come to the house show I'm playing on the 11th instead of meeting in Boston. I swear Connecticut is totally cool and worth the trip. Also I'll be in Brooklyn on Saturday hanging out / seeing Screaming Females
Don't make fun of Vampy Weeks !!
Wish I could come, but I'm in Ohio for the week.
I had an awful time and it's literally all your fault.
Me and c4est, I hope. Happy birthday, big boy. e: I'm in
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