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Yep, it's the fw15 moleskin bedford. If you're not into the shape you might want to try one of the other EG jacket types. fwiw, this one is not as tight in the shoulders as another bedford i have from fw14. The boots are brown country grain captoes from fransboone. If you copy my outfit we have to either fight or make out, your choice.
Not really a new problem, though
I don't know what that is.I don't know who Joe Flacco is.
Hi, long time no see Lifestyle pic (spot the linguist??): Actual pic: EG/jcrew/individualized/naked&famous/alden
I can confirm that he goes to work like this.
Yeah, if you guys want to carpool that's cool with me. I'm down to stay for the strike as well.
Presumably much of this washes out with a large enough sample? But either way, Tim is a man of SCIENCE. Qualitative, my ass!
I'll be there, mainly to demand an explanation of this: Is c4st the internet's busiest fashion nerd??
We need a return to. . . [GOLDEN ERA SW&D] Center-Posting and Square Brackets FWIW, contributions from Caustic Man and DieWorkwear got me to start browsing regularly again. That and uncensored Synth face pics.
I would rather see prices go up (a bit, at least) than features being cut in most cases. IIRC the moleskin bedford was $400 last fall, and it's the same this season - difference being it doesn't have elbow patches or sleeve lining this time around. The patches are whatever, but not having lined sleeves with a material like that is a bit of a pain. It's a small gripe, all things considered, because it's still a great jacket, but there you go.
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