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Yeah, if you guys want to carpool that's cool with me. I'm down to stay for the strike as well.
Presumably much of this washes out with a large enough sample? But either way, Tim is a man of SCIENCE. Qualitative, my ass!
I'll be there, mainly to demand an explanation of this: Is c4st the internet's busiest fashion nerd??
We need a return to. . . [GOLDEN ERA SW&D] Center-Posting and Square Brackets FWIW, contributions from Caustic Man and DieWorkwear got me to start browsing regularly again. That and uncensored Synth face pics.
I would rather see prices go up (a bit, at least) than features being cut in most cases. IIRC the moleskin bedford was $400 last fall, and it's the same this season - difference being it doesn't have elbow patches or sleeve lining this time around. The patches are whatever, but not having lined sleeves with a material like that is a bit of a pain. It's a small gripe, all things considered, because it's still a great jacket, but there you go.
Oh hey, I think that middle pink flannel with the bond collar is mine. Or, mine is exactly that. Either way, it looks very nice in person, but I wasn't expecting the cuffs and collar to be so rigid. I'm assuming it'll soften up with some washes?
I got the navy moleskin bedford from fw14 and wore it almost every day that winter/spring. It's substantial and does a good job keeping out wind/snow. Will probably get the olive one this year.
I ordered a few things for fall from the sale, and the delivery guy left this sitting on top of the package: What are you trying to tell me???
This is so fucking cool.
Ta-da! https://orders.bandcamp.com/Enjoy! http://www.courant.com/entertainment/music/hc-orders-plays-fuzz-folk-at-arch-street-tavern-in-hartford-0514-20150513-story.htmlAnd thanks for the thumbs, guys.Glad synth has finally crossed over to full-on 45rpm lookbook mode.
New Posts  All Forums: