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^^^ I wouldn't [whine]bitch[/whine] too much, especially when you consider that Hulu is about to start charging for its services... Torrents/Rapidshare FTW.
Appears to be entrenched in the backlash section of the current hype cycle. "There are so many Monocle Man clothing labels popping up right now that is has almost become a genre in itself. Take a vaguely old-fashioned sounding name, maybe put a waxed jacket in there and a pair of Quoddy boots and play some Seasick Steve in the background."
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician ...Napalm Death or Godflesh for me. These are good. Also, the VOID side of the Faith/VOID split.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt I thought that was lame. Please elaborate. Besides everything else, I loved: The cousins' '66(?) Impala. Both parking lot scenes. Cousin #1 between the bumpers a la Bernie Mac in Bad Santa. The aforementioned nod to the botched hit on Tony Soprano in Season One. "Shred your mama's head like a cabbage." Gotta watch those loose cartridges...
The coffee setup reminded me of one of these. Also, did anyone notice that Walt's new lab assistant was the ineffectual newspaper editor from the last season of The Wire? So, Gus was planning for him to learn, then recreate Heisenberg's formula? And the eagerness of the cousins to terminate WW threw a monkey wrench into the plans? Plus, Hank (although outsmarted last night) is still a Bad Motherfucker. No way he let's the cousins get the drop on him...
Not this guy again... Quote: Originally Posted by eightysixed Looks like he caught wind of this thread... To My Fans at Style Forum Since you are all so big on taking my photos and calling me terrible looking, here's a photo you can post on your next thread about my blog:
LabelKing in 5, 4, 3...
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