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From the NYTimes.
Quote: Originally Posted by NotoriousMarquis I would like wingtips to be properly round. Perhaps you're thinking of longwings. Florsheim Imperial (v-cleat preferred), Allen Edmonds MacNeil, Alden Long Wing, etc. Do a search. Read 's One Shoe thread. Become enlightened.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Even worse, when I make it myself, I might do a burnt orange twist: a half dollar slice of rind from, oh, a thick rind orange; light a wooden match and let it get past the sulfer; warm the rind; then pinch the twist, snapping out a spray of oils over the glass that flash-flame; drop twist in the Negroni. - B Owing to such a belligerent practice, you'd never be welcomed in my ancestral...
Vox, is your Negroni served stirred and up? If so, for shame.
No. Don't buy polished leather (aka corrected grain). Step up to proper calfskin for only a few dollars more. Check Herring Shoes UK for good deals on Loakes and other similiar shoes.
I would rather not associate with anyone who has never listened to Walk Among Us over and over during an all night drinking/drugging session.
I didn't watch it, but I'm thinking of picking up copy of this:
^^ We share the same birthday (November 24).
Others have called for a moratorium on fl pics, but this is too good not to post:
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