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Hannibal in his double-breasted linen suit all day...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I would be okay if we confined quoted images to those with toilets, bidets, or urinals in them, like the two specimens above. - B Bidets have nothing on boudoirs. Quote: Originally Posted by David Watts I'm not sure which is worse, the dirty white moccasins juxtaposed against the dirty rug/dirty dishes and miscellaneous debris... ...Or the spanky hanky perched...
^^^ add a burnbulb image and /thread (don't forget to credit someone other than yourself).
I love this. It reminds me of the old guys with the Good Sam Club tire covers on their RV's or the (sadly defunct) people who affix country emblems to their steamer trunks. Also, the veterans who wear their old Army jackets with patches featuring lovingly racist portraits of the enemy they fought in a past war. A lost slice of Americana...
Quote: Originally Posted by barims Just because "No One Will Ever Believe You."
Quote: Originally Posted by dibadiba is the finale next week going to be longer than the usual? According to the schedule, the finale episode ends at 11:40, so yes. PS - I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet, but, judging from next week's preview, and of course the actions of Sunday's show... Heisenberg is back!!!
From the NYTimes.
Quote: Originally Posted by NotoriousMarquis I would like wingtips to be properly round. Perhaps you're thinking of longwings. Florsheim Imperial (v-cleat preferred), Allen Edmonds MacNeil, Alden Long Wing, etc. Do a search. Read 's One Shoe thread. Become enlightened.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Even worse, when I make it myself, I might do a burnt orange twist: a half dollar slice of rind from, oh, a thick rind orange; light a wooden match and let it get past the sulfer; warm the rind; then pinch the twist, snapping out a spray of oils over the glass that flash-flame; drop twist in the Negroni. - B Owing to such a belligerent practice, you'd never be welcomed in my ancestral...
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