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Nothing in San Francisco. However, there was plenty of Ed Hardy gear to go around.
I only know April Wine from Trailer Park Boys. As well as "might as well go for soda!" Edit - I believe Kim Mitchell was also in an episode or two of Kids in the Hall.
The original Death Wish has Christopher Guest as a cop and Jeff Goldblum as a rapist. Sly Stallone was a random subway hooligan in Woody Allen's Bananas. Speaking of Singles, Pryzbylewski from The WIRE also has a small part in that one. Random, shirtless, and mildly disturbing Piven appearances in a Paul Westerberg video for a song from the Singles soundtrack (00:59, 01:24!, 01:48, etc):
Dayglo Abortions DOA Hanson Brothers SNFU King Khan & BBQ Show
I recall a local corset designer mentioned in my old copy of San Francisco Bizarro. A quick search reveals business is still booming: Good news for potential customers! "Meet corsetiere Jade Locke at her corset exhibit, Fall Harvest Festival - Kansas City - Nov. 4-7, and on Sat. Nov. 22 join us at San Francisco's Corset Soiree (Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco)" Three reviews on yelp:
PM sent on 5EP Chinos and Marc Jacobs Sweater Vest.
"(The) Cape has for too long been worn only in the finales of men's dress shows over improbably immaculate tails. Sometimes still seen on eccentrics. Neither instance does justice to what could be a practical and elegant garment. A short Raglan overcoat, often with a wide back that is technically known as a cape back, is found to be a garment with lines very appropriate for showing off narrow trousers; remove the sleeves and you have a cape. There are possibilities...
RIP: Richard Pryor, Willie Hutch.
What about his clip-on suspenders?
pm sent.
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