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Piobaire, Thank you for the clarification. As a fellow bubble-busting MF, I appreciate your ability to clarify your position without a trace of malice or narcissism.
As a white American born in America (whom this quiz is tailored for), I'm pretty sure I've scored the highest so far (71).Pio and a couple other people who are not "native" Americans did score higher than me overall, IIRC.I read through this entire thread before I posted this reply. I was at work, however, and I may have missed a post or two...
I scored a 71. It's possible I could have gone even higher, but I've only visited one of the middle-brow chain restaurants listed in the past year (although I've been inside all of them at one point or another). Back in March I was tooling down the Blues Highway in Mississippi when I spotted a Waffle House (outside Vicksburg, IIRC). I had heard the food there was pretty good, for a chain. And it was! Also, I learned all about "Scattered", "Smothered", & "Covered."
Bowie is generally more well known than Eno/Ferry/Roxy music, Marc Bolan/T. Rex, and Iggy Pop/The Stooges. Does it follow that a less famous contemporary of Bowie is a poor man's version of him? Because Bowie is a better businessman? I thought music was art?
Czech out Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. Three hours of breeks pr0n galore. Ruined me for office pants. Breekin 2: Electric Boogaloo:
Roxy Music are up there with The Kinks and Velvet Underground. Country Life and Siren are probably my two favorite Roxy albums.
Badlands by Terry Malick.
Quote: Originally Posted by either/or actually imageshack does work, if you know how. BTW, I think the joke is this:
At the moment, Thee Oh Sees. Quote: Originally Posted by 1969 Of all time, The Kinks.
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