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Hang out at Nordstrom Rack and look for the $0.01 specials... my last visit rewarded me with a decent Michael Kors number that might not carry much SF cred, but was 99.99% off retail so whatever.
I attended a private boys' school that mandated jackets and ties on a daily basis. It wasnt a uniform so you could wear a jacket and pants or a suit as you preferred. There is no question it had an effect on how I dress now. I have to admit as a young boy I relied on my mother to pick out jackets, etc. in the stores, but by the time I was in my final year I had a pretty good sense of what to buy. Above all, the experience made me comfortable in a suit. It always surprises...
I would be interested in hearing about experiences with Winnipeg tailors in general. As beautiful as his stuff is, Falvo might be a little too rich for my blood. I talked to the tailor at Scerbo once (it's owned by an Asian guy now) and he said the right things about his bespoke work but the price would still be around $1000 and I was a little leery of pulling the trigger without any kind of recommendation.
I can get better stuff for less $ at nearly any big-name US store than at HR. I never buy anything at HR and I don't think I'd miss them any if they were gone. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised that a US company hasn't just swooped in and eaten HR's lunch. I doubt that it could be that hard.
This thread got me thinking about my sleeves... I usually go for a 16/35, but that ends up with the sleeves ending about 3 inches above the thumb/finger v as opposed to the 1 that Seph recommends (I used a ruler to measure). I took a quick look at the WAYWRN thread and there is no question that most people wear sleeves longer than I do. I had some 36/37 sleeve lengths before, but I didn't like how far they stuck out and how they would get in the way when washing my...
I agree with the OP. Dress shoes are just not that great for long walks. If I walked to work I'd definitely get a light pair of eccos, Rockports or whatever and then keep a few pairs of dress shoes at the office to change into.
Since my first visit to Shanghai in 2001 I have generally assumed that popular designer ties on eBay are fake. The markets were just overflowing with them back then. That said, for the couple of dollars that I paid for the ones I bought back then, they were good value for the money. Reasonably well constructed and decent looking... you'd have had a hard time finding a better tie for $3 or $4 each. They certainly weren't worth $50 though, and since it's impossible to tell...
It seems kind of affected, as though you were a Prince Charles wannabe. That said, if you're dealing with different people every day (assuming that you're travelling for work) I guess you could pull it off. But if you're going to be in the same place for a while working with the same people, you might want to ease up a notch and swap out 1 or 2 of the double-breasteds if only for the sake of variety.
bump I wanna know too.
Speaking as a Canadian with a law degree, the US situation looks downright scary. To wit: -These days, every podunk law school charges Harvard money -There are more podunk law schools than ever before... so many of them popped up during the boom and even though the market has taken a serious turn for the worse there has been practically no decrease in the number of freshly minted JDs (too profitable to close them, I guess) -As indicated above, the market generally sucks...
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