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Anyone have an Ashby and can comment on how slim it fits? I had a Bedale for about 8 years that was stolen two nights ago so looking to replace it, but if there's something acceptably trimmer would definitely be interested. Also, anyone able to comment on how likely I would be to find a replacement Medium waxed cotton olive jacket at the Barbour outlet in the Kittery and/or Milford outlets (I read 20ish pages back that Kittery was bigger but how does that translate)?
Looking for a lightweight second-hand suit for a summer DC wedding. Not looking for seersucker, linen, or cotton. Flexible on color, could do grey or navy, subtle pattern (faint windowpane, herringbone, light pinstripe, etc). Price 50-150 shipped depending on quality. Size-wise I wear a 39 or 40R jacket with 32x32 or 32x30 pants. I'm a pretty slim guy, 6'2" and 160 +/- 5lbs, but I have a regular sized torso. I'm also totally down to tailoring as needed (and...
I have the J Crew suit jacket (didn't bother with the pants, just wear it as an odd jacket with jeans in the summer, works surprisingly well). I and the J. Press tailor both agree that it came out fitting me well, only needed sleeve shortening. I'm 6'2", 160lbs, skinny-ish. Couldn't recommend the jacket more.
What type of socks are those?
Quote: Originally Posted by A Guy from Shanghai How old? From the 60s or 70s (I like the more classic, rounded look and the old seahorse logo is pretty sweet as well).
What about watches? If I wanted to get an old Omega Seamaster, what are the chances that would be counterfeited?
What precisely are speed lacers? Sorry, I'm still a noob.
Haha, thanks for the help Jim (and all others). I'm not worried about being cut or judged harshly on my style; it's more for my own sartorial edification that I'm asking these questions. I've never needed to wear suits before so I'm still learning the ropes.
Thanks for the advice so far. I'm not really looking to match the shirt to the pinstripes (and the pinstripes are very subtle anyway, which I like) but the yellow tie has some blue in it which plays off the pinstripes nicely. I've been told by several people though that the yellow tie is too informal/loud for the interview so I think I'll steer clear. As far as the collars go, I'm not sensing a clear consensus on the acceptability of the button-down collar for...
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