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yes, this is that, from my experience
Wool shrinks a lot at hight temperatures.And yes, cotton shrinks also, but stretches far more... and at the end, a lot of my chinos, tees, hoodies and jeans are now far too big.
if it's cotton, it never shrink for a long time, even at high temperature.Cotton tends to stretch a lot, especially on RRL stuffs.
All RLPL items have this label with "made in italy" on it since 2 years now. ...when they are made in Italy, of course...
superbe. bravo.
For example, for this item : http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=41850376&cp=1766205.1895470&view=99&ab=ln_men_cs_sportcoats&parentPage=family I have seen it yesterday (same cut, same fabrics, same all) and it was made in Slovakia. Or maybe they have 2 factories for the same item ?
I have seen new season POLO jacket yesterday in France (Le Bon marché). They have the new label (blue and yellow) and they are no longer made in Italy but in Slovakia. Still, they look very good...Sizing is slim fit. The website says Italy, the label inside says Slovakia... Don't know if it is only for European market...
True. And it seems that Polo Ralph Lauren line use a new label, also more Rugny-esque (blue and yellow). I don't know if the current one (blue and white) is going to disappear...
Yes, normal size. Don't worry, they stretch and become like others LS...It takes time (months) because denim is heavy. Wear them and ride your bicycle under the rain...it helps !
they stretch a bit...but yes, they are slimmer than others low straight
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