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I am not a peacoat expert, but yes it fits perfectly.Like you, I had to size down to S with mine (the longer one).Yes...dark pic
Nice leather...match very well with a pair of jeanshere they are with amazonas camp sole red brick and RRL jeans
Dylanda RRL peacoat is different from this RRL peacoat : http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=48186246 This is an older version and not the same type (different historic periods, i think). Dylanda's peacoat (and mine, I have the same) is longer with 2 additional pockets (like clark peacoat : it was sold last year on french RL website) Very thick, very warm, very rugged : you cannot put it on a suit). The Polo is more urban Fred
superbewash by hand or machine ?Fred
This is the end for BL : http://us.fashionmag.com/news/Ralph-Lauren-clarifies-its-luxury-offer,486612.html#.VVw3uc5yPq0
Quality has not declined at all... I have both old and new PRL jacket and fabrics and construction look quite the same. Some New PRL are still Made in Italy. it depends on the fit. The Polo fit is made in eastern Europe, the Morgan fit is made in Italy.
I'll post a picture as soon as my trousers will come back from my seamstress (hem)
New slim fit rigid chinos are not selvedge but they are very heavy (around 11oz). And this is the same feeling than trying RRL rigid denim for the first time : very "rigid", you need to break them. The cut is quite the same than classic officer. Straight but slimmer...but it is not a slim cut. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=54992906
Hello, Does anybody knows who is the italian maker of RLPL shirts ? To me, they seem very similar to RTW Huntsman shirts, but I don't know who is their maker either....
I have 10 Low Straight and some are tight and have very low waist and others are more roomy. Some are short in lenght and other are not. And they are all the same model, but not the same wash... And not the same fabric (japan, cone). Concerning shirts, I have some shirts in S and other in M and they fit nearly the same. they are also the same model : workwear. So, yes, RRL have no constant sizing, even in similar models. This is why I never buy Jeans or shirts on internet....
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