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A very nice item. It matches very vell with many AW16 RRL plaid shirts...
They are not in the spring lookbook...hope this is not the end for them...
superbe ! Made in where ? (not because of the supposed quality, but it looks very similar to a globe-trotter item)
yes, I downsize 2 in all RRL Jeans and other pants of the brand. (I am 32, I buy 30) Here, fitting is very similar to officer chinos (I wear 30/32)
Quick jumping pic of those amazing repaired cords.
I am not a peacoat expert, but yes it fits perfectly.Like you, I had to size down to S with mine (the longer one).Yes...dark pic
Nice leather...match very well with a pair of jeanshere they are with amazonas camp sole red brick and RRL jeans
Dylanda RRL peacoat is different from this RRL peacoat : http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=48186246 This is an older version and not the same type (different historic periods, i think). Dylanda's peacoat (and mine, I have the same) is longer with 2 additional pockets (like clark peacoat : it was sold last year on french RL website) Very thick, very warm, very rugged : you cannot put it on a suit). The Polo is more urban Fred
superbewash by hand or machine ?Fred
This is the end for BL : http://us.fashionmag.com/news/Ralph-Lauren-clarifies-its-luxury-offer,486612.html#.VVw3uc5yPq0
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