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Keep the 32. Denim stretch a lot. Japan or USA denim
With these olive pants : I wear a RRL indigo thermal tee. It works also with faded orange or faded red (RRL Tees) or heather grey (as pictured here). With any pair of jeans : it matches very well with olive thermal tees (as pictured here), or dark brown thermal tees or blue denim shirts or chambray shirts. Bonus : for a more "italian" style : I also wear it over a brown tweed jacket. Very nice. ok enough yellow !
Sized up (31 instead of 30) on these ones. Like Bethany said, waist is very very high (or bottom is very low). Matches pretty well with this winter yellow down jacket. Hope Nylon+cotton will not stretch too much.
Bethany, I definitely do care about the jogger pants !! did you take your normal size comparing to RRL denim (or chinos) ? how is the cut ?
Does anybody has seen these pants in real ? How is the fit ?
A very nice item. It matches very vell with many AW16 RRL plaid shirts...
They are not in the spring lookbook...hope this is not the end for them...
superbe ! Made in where ? (not because of the supposed quality, but it looks very similar to a globe-trotter item)
yes, I downsize 2 in all RRL Jeans and other pants of the brand. (I am 32, I buy 30) Here, fitting is very similar to officer chinos (I wear 30/32)
Quick jumping pic of those amazing repaired cords.
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