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Yes, normal size. Don't worry, they stretch and become like others LS...It takes time (months) because denim is heavy. Wear them and ride your bicycle under the rain...it helps !
they stretch a bit...but yes, they are slimmer than others low straight
I went to Hunstman last week to see their ready to wear : - made in Italy - impressive details and quality seems very high - beautiful fabrics (I have tried an amazing linen/wool/silk jacket) - fit is very slim, I'm a thin 178cm and 70kg and it fits perfectly. Cut seems very 'italian' to me - alterations and button sleeves are made in the basement - Comparing to RL Purple Label jackets, it seems to me that Huntsman is above (in prices too : 2200£ for a jacket and no...
I wear 30 in RRL jeans and chinos and all my RRL belts are 32
Concerning PL pants, I have seen 3 references of cut : - Madison : very large - Harrison : normal cut to me, even if it is described as slim straight. True to size. - Eaton : it's described as straight slim fit on the website, but harrison also and and harrison cut is definitely not a slim straight fit. Never try Eaton cut. any other information on Purple label pants sizing ?
thank you. I must say that sizing up depends on your shape. To me: 178 and 70kg, no need to size up. Drakes custom fits me perfecty, from shoulders to lenght, the sizing is really excellent both on PL et PRL custom fit.
ok, to sum up, what do we have ? - Purple label drake fit (it is a slim fit) // are they always coming with custom fit label or is there 2 drake fit (custom and not custom) ? - Purple label Savile fit (it is a classic fit) //do they have a custom fit label ? there is two type of fit also ? - Polo Ralph Lauren custom fit (it is a slim fit, very similar to drake fit to me except shoulders that are natural on Polo and padded on Purple)
Hello, how the type 2 jacket fits ? does it stretch a bit ?
it's also on french site.very nice jacket by the way
Redford vest is awesome. I have one and have hesitated for a long time between S and M. So, this is my sizing advice : S is ok on a single shirt (heavy denim shirt looks good), but too small on a vest and M is a little too roomy on a shirt but perfect on a vest or a big pullover...it depends on how you want to wear it... Based on the fact this is a winter vest, I took a M (177cm and 70kg)
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