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How do the Rescues fit compared to Earnest Sewn Filson/Fulton. I have a pair of Filsons and I want something slightly looser fitting, such as in the thighs. Will the Rescues do the trick?
I want a pair of Rm Williams in that tan color. Great color. Just to be sure is that the "dark tan" or the regular "tan"? Thanks.
Ive been looking for a summer jacket too and was thinking something khaki in color. What do you think of this J Crew one?
I just bought those exact jeans from last call for about $70 last week. They were my first venture into quality jeans (cheap levis and a pair of luckys were what I was used to). They are definitely slimmer than what I am used to but thats what I was going for. I absolutely love my new jeans but keep in mind I dont have much experience with these things.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD If $100 is the limit, I'd look for sale stuff. Try Sak's Off 5th, Neiman Marcus Last Call, and try on the Earnest Sewns they have their. Like $85 at the outlets, but originally some $200. I second this reccommendation. Ive been on the lookout for some nice sub 100 jeans and I just got a pair of Earnest Sewn Filsons for 70 bucks at Last Call.
Wow those Tyrwhitt's look great, and they come in larger sizes too. Does anyone who owns a pair have some pictures handy that they could post, other than the one on the CT website. I'm curious as to the shade of brown they are and if they will match my new belt.
Hello everyone. Im new here obviously and Im in the market for a brown chelsea boot, and I might add a black pair down the road. The inexpensive part is due to me being in college and not having much money. Im a tshirt/jeans/sneakers guy but Im looking to add some less casual clothing, mostly for going to bars and other social events. I figure Ill start with footwear and from reading up on the subject, a chelsea boot seems very versatile and would work well with jeans....
It has been mentioned that Alternative's shirts are longer than AA. How much longer? I'm looking to stock up on plain tshirts for the summer but I'm really tall so I always find t shirts that fit ok width-wise, but that are too short. I bought an AA size xl cotton shirt and inevitably it shrank to a too short length. I also bought an AA 50/50 cotton polyester shirt and it seems to fit ok but the color selection is limited in that shirt and I was really looking for...
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