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and i just bought something on monday
Quote: Originally Posted by ken Tell me more about that jacket, I like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Silentblue I live in Southern California and hate it when guys wear flip-flops. Why? They never take care of their feet, it's always so damn grotesque when I look down at A)Hairy feet, B)Extremely dry and ashy feet, C)Unnaturally boney feet, D) Black soles due to dirt and E)Dirty feet due to dirt and sweat. I live 5 miles away from the beach, and I don't care if you're going to go to the beach in a few hours, put some fucking...
Quote: Originally Posted by Calden 06. Leather Goods Connection Belt - I've always liked the look of brass after it's been worn a while. 07. Leather Goods Connection Wallet - This is by far the nicest wallet I've ever had. I got really sick of flimsy leather wallets and their crappy fabric linings. This is the real deal. Ahh Ive been eying that wallet for a while, but in a brown. I like the handstitching. Also I have the same belt as...
candle, i actually like the sandals. I have a pair of rainbows too and I wear them all the time. Sometimes its just a nice, warm, sunny day or I just dont feel like wearing shoes. Nothing wrong with sandals. I think some of these sandal haters just live in cold climates or something.
Avoid square toes at all costs. I would get a black or brown chelsea or chukka boot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fubar Denime XX 90% of the time. LVC Japan 47 501's as back up. Waiting in the wings: LVC 55's and a pair of Full Count 1101's that need hemming. pics please! Im looking for a pair of regular-relaxed pair of japanese jeans and the denime xx and fullcount 1101s are on my shortlist. How do they fit compared to each other? Also how about the inseams, are they 36" after washing? I think a pair of Blundstones would be a great rainy weather boot. I am thinking of buying a pair. They are made of waterproof leather and I think they look good too.
I wear pretty much the same size as your brother, and although im only 6'5" I wear a 36" inseam. Ive been looking for a pair of dry denim online and it hasnt been that easy. Japanese repros are pretty much out of the question. I have a pair of APC Rescues and Nudie Baggy Bjorns on the way to try out and Ill let you know how long the inseams are. APC makes looooong inseams so Im hopeful about that. Also, I have a pair of Earnest Sewn filsons in 38x36 but I dont wear them...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cali4nia_Matt I just got a pair of 34 Rescues and they are pretty loose. if you like the semi-baggy look, then go for it. If you dont mind could you post the actual waist measurement for those. Just the width when buttoned up and laid flat would be fine. Thanks.
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