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Quote: Originally Posted by knucks 38 waist, haha damn. Big guys are funny eh?
Quote: Originally Posted by big Looking for advice on what jeans would work for me. Nothing fancy, just everyday jeans. Waist 38" - Thighs 29.5-30" Thanks. Man, Im about the same waist as you but those are some serious thighs. Mine are about 26 and apc rescues work for me but wouldnt work for you. Hmm wish I could help.
Red Wing 8130s J.Fold wallet Clarks desert boots
My APC Rescues have a 37" inseam.
Thats great news about the shirts, I was contemplating jantzen but now I can deal with someone local. I think you missed the second part of my question though, the part about me being off your RTW scale.
Wait, so youre going to have custom shirts ala Jantzen around the same pricepoint? Awesome, just awesome. Ive been planning a suit purchase for the summer but on my college student budget I was dreading having to buy some off the rack department store suit. Now I'm excited! Now the big question. Are there enough custom options to make one fit my 6'5" 230lb frame (approx 44l jacket, 38 trousers i believe). How much exactly is customizable (shoulder width, jacket length)?...
Did you see any rag&bone outerwear?
For blank t shirts Ive settled on American Apparel 50/50 Ts. They are nice and soft and more than long enough. Avoid at all costs though their 100% cotton t shirts. They shrink about 5000% and end up fitting my 6'5" frame like a tube top. For other basics like hoodies, sweaters, etc Banana Republic, J Crew, and Gap all offer many things in "tall" sizes. Other than that Im about as clueless as you are and would be interested to hear any other info.
I wear a 13 in chucks and 13 in desert boots. Desert boots are ever so slightly roomier because they have a roomy toebox. For me chucks size = clarks size. By the way youll love the desert boots, the crepe sole makes them super comfy. I think they are so simple and good looking and work with so many outfits. Now I just have to get a couple pairs on the other colors.
I liked the jacket Matthew Fox wore in one of his recent SNL skits. It looks like a thin m65-ish jacket. Here are a ton of screencaps of the skit so you can see the jacket: Theres a good 4 pages of screencaps where you can see the jacket. Thanks guys.
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