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What jean has a fit like the APC rescue but with a normal yoke (not lowered like on the rescue)? I like the straight leg of the rescue otherwise i would go with the NS, and I still may, I just think tapered legs might look funny on me being 6'5" 200. I could do with a little tighter overall than the rescue, but not baggier. Oh ya and the inseam needs to be 35" after shrinking. I've heard the Somet 003 might be what Im after but they are 300 bones .
Whenever I read this thread and see great finds I run out and hit up some of my local thrift stores, but its the same deal everytime. Garbage, all of it. Im jealous.
Who owns the S/S pullover hoodies? Who carries them and can you comment on the material? It looks pretty thin from pictures. Living in SoCal though I could live with thin, but at a certain point its gonna be flimsy and not really a sweatshirt anymore. I just really dig the details on the EG hoodies and am ready to buy one but would love tohear some comments/reviews.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD The chest measurement for a small is 40.4 inches. I consider that on the larger size of the fence, but it's certainly not a sack. Sounds to me like the classic fit. I believe slim fit smalls measure around 38" on the chest. Nino, CYC is a pretty hard-to-access design company (except for Kane who answers a lot of questions here), and since this order will be stretching to meet minimums, I really doubt anything but...
any chance of getting a pullover instead of zip up?
APCs are sanforized so no shrinkage on the 37" inseam. Or if there is any small amount it is negligible.
I'm 6'5" with long legs and APC Rescues work perfect for me. I measured them and they have a 37" inseam.
Haha, I just didnt know what its official name was.
Hey Michael when are you going to post some other jackets for sale in this thread, such as the "whodini" jacket and the "manchester" jacket. Id love to see some pics, measurements, etc.
I have 2 belts from leathergoodsconnection. Both awesome. They are basically the sugarcane garrison belt but a hell of alot cheaper.
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