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Nearly new pair of Samurai S0500xx for sale. Hot soaked hang dried, then hot soaked tumble dried. All of the shrinking is out of the way. Measurements BiG style: Waist: 35 Front RIse: 11 Back Rise: 15.5 Thigh: 13 Hem: 8.75 230 shipped OBO
Quote: Originally Posted by waterpig How do I find a pair of jeans with a shorter inseam? I was trying on Ernest Sewn and 7 for all mankind jeans that fit well in the waist but the inseam was at least four inches too long in every pair. What I'm really looking for is a pair of jeans in a darker blue (but not as dark as indigo) with a regular fit and medium rise (~10.5-11"). My budget is ~$150 but I prefer to spend less. My usual waist size is 32"...
Quote: Originally Posted by Clench Million APC Rescues in like a size 36 (will stretch to 38 or more)? See my above post. Rescues are a great inexpensive straight leg semi-relaxed jean but be careful about sizing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Clench Million APC Rescues in like a size 36 (will stretch to 38 or more)? Measure the waistband of jeans that fit you well. APC Rescues are a great recommendation but DO NOT get size 36. Rescues stretch like hell and after having 3 pairs Ive got the sizing down. For reference a pair of 34 rescues stretched to 39" waist. Basically Ive found rescues stretch to tag size + 5" so use that as a guide.
Can anyone comment on the inseam length of Rescues nowadays? My 2 older pairs of rescues (newest is about 1 year old) had raw inseams of 37-38". I hear now they come 34" raw?? Is this true?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mbogo Thanks, Nino, for the heads-up on those other brands. Some of them are really cool. I'm going to give them all a closer look and pick one. I'm glad to see others here like that more "classic" style, too. David No problem David. Let us know what you choose!
Mbogo, Im also looking for a bag of that style and am considering the ll bean one. Im looking for a canvas/leather bag with a classic design. Other brands I suggest you look at and that I am considering: Filson Duluth Pack Frost River All make really durable canvas/leather bags, and they are made in america as far as I know (Frost River I am 100% sure). One of the forum sponsors, ContextClothing just started carrying Filson bags in a "pre distressed" state. I...
ALso, does anyone have a source for old made in england docs, deadstock, used, whatever. Ive heard that in LA there is a good swapmeet at the Rose Bowl with boots and such. Any experiences?
Where can I find some docs in this color:
Measurements on the Lees please.
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