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pics of jean shops please
Measurements on 2 and 4 please.
I am super excited to hear that you will have the skull 5010s in 36 waist. I hope to pick up a pair during the sale this weekend. Now since you obviously have a certain amount of sway in regards to production of certain sizes Kiya, Id like to request that Iron Heart produce 634s in 36"+ inseam in waist sizes other than 38 and 40 (namely 36 and 34). Pleeeeaaaaase.
Do any of the Crate models have 36"+ inseams? Im looking for a slimmish straight-leg with a waist of 36 an an inseam of 36+.
Price reduced
Hmm I think I fixed it.
pics added
Thats from tagged size. They are already about 2 inches larger than tagged right off the bat.
Fit looks good right now. How long have you worn them? Ive had 2 pairs of rescues in different sizes and found that they end up 4-5" larger than tagged size after stretching. (My 34s measure 38-39 right now).
My bad, price added. No arcs and tabs. These were purchased from Blue in Green.
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