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Based on my experience from ordering things from Europe and Japan to be delivered to the States my answer would be "depends." If the item is packaged and labeled in such a way that it is clear to the shipper and customs that the merchandise is new then the answer is "yes, you will be charged;" if, on the other hand, the item is packaged as if it were a gift or simply not new merchandise then the answer would be "no, you will not be charged."
Had to go down a half size for the Red Wing 8053 Oxford. Am loving them.Got a pair of these hand sewn RW moccasins during the summer and wore them on the mean streets of NOLA in a pair of shorts and never had a moment of discomfort (which is saying a lot for me). Was sad to see the beautiful color copper go when I oiled the leather. While the crepe sole is extremely comfortable, I doubt it will hold up as well as the soles used on other RW shoes in the Heritage line.Went...
True. I am trying to pare down my wardrobe to only those essential, well-made items. Will give the half-brogues consideration.
I work in a casual business environment and usually wear Red Wing Beckham or Iron Ranger boots with dark, raw selvedge denim to work adding a blazer or sweater when necessary. Don't wear a suit so often these days (and don't really miss it) but when I do was hoping to find a shoe, not a boot, that I could wear with jeans as well ... I want fewer clothes these days and am looking to streamline my wardrobe.
Agreed. Ludlow shirts are not all that slim. The Benetton dress shirt is much slimmer but some of the models are much too short so they continually come out of the trouser but look really good untucked with jeans.
It works. Go forth with confidence.
I prefer a slim navy blazer without *gold* buttons and think the buttons are only appropriate for Thurston Howell III or maybe even the Skipper on a dress up day. Am I crazy?
I had a tailor make a moth hole or two less visible in a tweed jacket, in fact, unless you knew it was there you never would have noticed it but the fabric pattern made it easy to hide, unlike your suit.
Jackets were so long then. I much prefer the shorter ones of today. On one episode of Mad Men I noticed the oldest man wearing the longest jacket with Roger Sterling wearing a shorter one and Don Draper wearing the shortest of the three.
Had a true US Navy Peacoat once ... it was warm but the fit was awful - nothing stylish about it at all. The Benetton one is much nicer.
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