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also fresh prince
kind of stupid, but the tgif line up back in the mid 90's was classic: Full house, Familly Matters, step by step, and boy meets world.
She is on my top ten list.
I think Spy has prescription goggles, i may be mistaken though
I know people who have taken it. from what i hear, it gives you insomnia and messes with your head. It's not worth taking.
$150 every 4-5 days to fill up my car.
cuffs are definitely too small. If it were my shirt, i would just wear it with the sleeves rolled up
I agree with the sleeves being too long. I think you could pull off the length. The coat looks pretty nice
Briefs are a lot more comfortable for me than boxers when worn as underwear. Boxers are a must around the house
I like the design of the perforated holes
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