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That's a moleskin notebook on the left, shitty piece of shit wallet on the right. Pockets are pretty big but it's cool, nothing better than walking around with a book in your back pocket and not doing much with your day.
Buy Ande Whall denim. Cougar 001, bunch of months and stuff.
You guys are dead to me if persimmon Okinawas aren't on that stock list.
That's an odd approach to consumption though. Seems kinda fashionista and contrived, especially since the fit doesn't matter. What determines which companies make the cut? Who made that call (and when)? Does it have to do with how the companies treat the workers or how they're run?
I just picked up a pair, the width is great but I seem to have quite a bit of toe room. Will these break in funny? Should I move on and try something else?
Quote: Originally Posted by FashionTragedy Terrible in bed, wishy-washy, immature, psycho, needy, clingy, etc seems to be common with them! Quote: Originally Posted by FashionTragedy women Did you think they stopped being women at 30?
Do any of the London stores stock vintage chinos? Seeing a lot of flat front chinos, pleats and those crinkly jeans, not a fan.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I'm surprised Diesel hasnt jumped on the selvedge raw denim bandwagon they made one about 4 years ago iirc, but that's it Because they don't need to. Cutting fabric from 60 inch looms without dependency on the outside slevedge is easily 20% more efficient than a 30 inch shuttle loom. It's not in their best interest to let people know that there might be a something else and possibly better than what...
Quote: Originally Posted by JonB27 (Mine have since been retired after being involved in my motorcycle accident Did they protect your ankle in the crash though? Thinking about getting a pair, it'd be nice if I could ride with them on.
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