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Since your wife is now in the picture, who took it?
Very nice^^^
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Posting from the "leggings with shorts" thread: Rick Owens silk basketball shorts, sneakers, sleeveless tee Raf Simons super thin poly turtleneck Under Armour leggings Thinking about this tomorrow--mid 50s shouldn't be too cold It looks like you are about to go to a pick up basketball game.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Out to get chili cheese dogs Dolce & Gabbana grey beanie Drkshdw hoodie Jil Sander grey tshirt Drkshdw jeans Rick Owens snake boots Aren't you worried you'll spill something on your clothes?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie this is like asking for SF approved toilet paper The right toilet paper can be a great accessory with common projects.
What do you care what your bathrobe looks like? Hopefully you won't be wearing a bathrobe out in public.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlSailor The problem with Macy's is that they get STFs in same sizes as non-STF jeans. In other words, they do not account for shrinkage. Longest inseam they seem to sell is 32, which after shrinkage would become 29 -- too short for many. Macys sells up to 36 from what i've seen.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHunter Which Macy's? And are you sure they were STF? A Macy's in Michigan. Yes they were STF.
Quote: Originally Posted by chentwoten Pics of the khaki 501stfs For anyone who wants these I just saw a bunch of them at Macy's.
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