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Sorry, I was admittedly a little heated. However, "just pick it up" was not only impossible, but even if it was, would have been a rather unsatisfactory conclusion. I apologize for my tone, I wrote in anger. I still believe I presented a fair view of the situation, if a little emotionally.
Thanks moofan and Eustace (just curious- do you have a nickname? What's short for Eustace?). I don't understand why it doesn't seem to matter to anyone that the shirt was LATE, even if it is complete (which it actually isn't I just found out, his assistant misspoke). I didn't even want to continue to talk about the problem (since it's being resolved, and I believe business should be conducted in private), but I'm too shocked at the fact the people seem to think that...
I've gotten in touch with Carl, and the issue has been resolved to my satisfaction. Since I've yet to see a shirt, and cannot forget the lack of communication, I can't recommend his services, but I am impressed with the way he handled the situation. Just to restate (and emphasize), he may have messed up in the first place, but he has been VERY good about finding a solution to the problem. Assuming the shirts are up to the quality I've heard about, and there are no...
My shirt is done, but it wasn't completed by the time of my friend's wedding, which the shirt was ordered for (which Carl assured me it would be). In addition, I have been calling/emailing/messaging for almost 3 months without reply. I think both of these are valid complaints. As to your statement, "just pick it up", I'm not in New York anymore. Unfortunately, I have things going on in my life which prevent from being able to take an extra month or two to just hang...
Edit: I have gotten in touch with Carl, and the issue has been resolved (or should be, as soon as I get back to New York). Hey, does anyone know what's going on with CEGO? I haven't received any reply from carl in 3 months, despite contact by email, style forum message, phone message, and phone messages through his assistant. The shirt I had ordered for my friends wedding (almost a month ago already, ordered almost 2 months in advance) is apparently "done", and even...
i think the logo would look much better if you took out either the purple or lavender, and then adjust the green to complement whichever shade you decide to keep.
I know this is kind of an odd comparison, but how do the quality of Ned and TaT compare? Obviously, Tat is self measure so a direct comparison isn't possible, but I was wondering more about the craftsmanship of the finished product. The price and difficulty of dealing w/ ned are some of the primary issues for me. Btw, great fit on the back of jacket chorse, but it looks a little rumply/oddly draped on the front- is that just the picture or my inexperienced eye?
at nialmas prices it seems like it would be worth going to CEGO instead. I live literally 10 blocks away, and was considering MTM, but at those prices carl's true bespoke seems like a steal.
i'd like to take the bottom pair. maybe both if you give me a deal?
so has anyone actually tried michael andrews bespoke yet? shirts or mtm even?
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