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used Goldpfeil briefcase from 80s, bought at Ebay for $53
GWB bridge->Palisades Parkway->Rt 6->Rt-17/32->Woodbury Commons
Quote: Originally Posted by Heero Anybody feel that this is true? No
this is my dream....
I hate shoes with metal heel taps, that's probably why there are so many for sale on ebay
I own a 70s Piaget 18k YG auto dress watch and a Tourneau full calendar auto watch I will try get a Patek or Vacheron 18k gold watch by the end of the year IF I am still employed...
A looks a little better
OK, OK, I will dig out my Bally from the basement and wear them again ....
I went to Woodbury LP outlet a month ago, and they did have nothing in terms of price ....
25-30 all dress shirts, striped pattern mostly Brioni, some Charvet, Borrelli, Kiton, Finamore
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