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Another price drop!!
Price drop. These are in outstanding condition; just need to be polished.
Price drop again!
In very close to new condition. $35 + $7 shipping CONUS.
Price drop
Dropped to 55
Measurements, in inches: Outseam 44.5, inseam 35 (unhemmed). Waist ~28 with 2 to let out. Rise 9.5.. Pant leg 16 at ankle. Fabric all cotton. Size on label 44, equivalent to 28 or 29 us. Flat front. Excellent condition, new without tag. I wear a size 29 and these are too tight on me. NWOT, fresh from ebay (sold by a forum member here actually. Too tight for me at a 29.) $65 includes shipping.
What's a good leather lotion to use? And must the wax be removed before applying the lotion? It seems the wax would keep the lotion from the leather.
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