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Where can I buy good quality slim fitting polos with no logos? I really don't want a little horse, seagull, or anything else stitched onto my chest.
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What websites stock grey Dior Hommes?
Can someone please delete this thread? It's getting pretty sad for everyone, and if this guy isn't a troll then he can just use the waywt and all of the other threads to improve his style and learn some things, since this obviously isn't helping.
Can anyone link to an online store that sells Jil Sander sweaters, or at least a site that shows them?
Read the forum, don't make threads about yourself when you've been here for less than a week. Douche.
Can anyone ID these sneakers?
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I wear a 9 in chucks, what would that convert to roughly in PF flyers?
Quote: Originally Posted by vvoc this prob wont be what u want, but i saw this on ebay and thought it was pretty sweet... its a ralph lauren bomber that is oiled (water resistant?) with cord collar... size: small http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=330271115049 I actually really like that, and would probably bid if it weren't for the stains, and I'm a little unsure about the oilcloth material.
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