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ill learn as i go. And i do appreciate any comments more so the positive ones (magician) and i do look for quality when i'm purchasing as well as fit. Cheers! and lets keep the thread going!
i feel the only way to satisfy anyone on here is with 3 piece suits from labels i never heard of. or just labels i never heard of. But thats fine i like the way all of you dress for the most part. I just think it starts to get a little ignorant in here sometimes which is fine because plain is boring and this is a site for criticism.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lysol I think a garbage can would go perfect with that leather tie. Seriously though, if you're committed to the tie, that knot has got to be a four in hand knot. I want to reach into the computer and fix it for you. If I were you (and I'm not, but if I was), I would ditch the tie all together, ditch the hat (at the very least, not wear it indoors or anywhere not named 'Coney Island' or 'the beach'), and find a shirt...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I think a white shirt with a small sized collar would have worked better with the leather tie. too easy. And i dont like the look of the transporter
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Great action shot! Way cooler then it should be. Respect for making boring brands steezy. thanks man I dont get the grip on hating on such brands though ?
hat-penguin jacket-Polo by Ralph Lauren shirt-penguin leather tie-by Kenneth cole
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 New pair of Tod's Nubuck Boots. Got another pair coming in as well. Believe it or not these are womens, but they clearly can be worn by men . I love them. Got them for $100 because of light cracks on the back, I can post pics but its very hard to see, needless to say I'm satisfied . WHAT KINDA JEANS ARE THOSE XNEOX101? Ahh caps lock. Love the shoes too, i got some similair kenneth cole...
That story
do you see it as a joke to begin with? its a chance to meet someone new, take it as that i would say. And yeah if things roll smooth try to do a follow up date.
I enjoy it. But i go through waves. And those waves come when i have money. And the times that i do date i find it fun even if theyre not for me.
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