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It appears a bit shiny in the photos or is it just my computer screen playing tricks?
if only the length was less extreme!
short arms ...
if only the sleeves were unfinished!
pure sex!
Unfortunately, still in Bangkok. Look forward to joining next time around. Sameer
If we can do 20th it gives me a better chance of attending. Would love to hear about the finalized date. Sameer
Received four pairs in heavyweight cotton in quick time (out to Singapore). Colors are certainly lively, but havent taken to laundry particularly well. Let see how long they last although I am not too optimistic based on what I am reading. Also very very long (almost reaching my knees) and yet still dont stay up over the course of the day. Luckily not a very expensive mistake but I dont think I will be repeating orders.
shoulder seems very small for a 44 size.
Hi Folks, Dormant SFer now back online with MBA having been completed. I am in HK for the week and was wondering if any of the local SFers were interested in grabbing drinks? Sameer
New Posts  All Forums: