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Quote: Originally Posted by Sander Does anybody know how to pronounce Vass correctly? Vahsh (or like wasch in german (waschen without en))
No question, Angela Merkel. The Saudi dude comes second.
Savile Row (and the rest of London) is now available in google's street view. Here is Huntsman for example.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Of course you're not. Lots of people wear black suits for business attire too. Doesn't mean they don't look like douchebags just because they've got company in doing so. Whoa...whoa...whoa...stop right there. Wearing a black suit for business and wearing a French cuff shirt in barrel style ain't even the same fuckin' thing. ;-)
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Legitimate according to whom? You? Sure. But I'm not the only person in this world, who sometimes wears his French cuff shirts this way. Wearing a shirt with French cuffs outside the most formal social occasions often looks affected to me.
IMHO there is nothing ridiculous about it. It's a legitimate way of dressing down a French cuff shirt...
Yes. (BTW suede is a form of calf leather)
The "Straight (European) Lacing" found on this (amazing) site: http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/lacingmethods.htm
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