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Diner is also a good idea though I think I will stick to my guns with the bottle... Maybe: Sortilege is a unique blend of Canadian rye whisky and maple syrup. Or is that cheesy?
More info... uhhh I guess my girl said 'Hey, x wants us to come down to Texas' and I said 'Cool' and a day later I had an email in my inbox with the flight & condo info. So really I didn't do/say/ask anything... it just happened. So I guess I'll do that, a nice bottle of Canadian Whisky. Wish I knew about cigars.. but I really don't smoke them. Thanks gents.
My girlfriend and I are being flown from Canada to Texas for one of her friends' birthday. Her boyfriend is paying for the flight and three nights in a condo at a resort & spa. My girlfriend bought her friend a nice girly birthday gift obviously but what am I supposed to do? I've met them twice... What do I get them(him) to thank them? Am I expected to pay for everything (for them) once we get there? Do I just get them a nice bottle of booze? I really don't know what to...
Amanda Daniels (actress Carla Gugino)
I wear my iron ring.
Maybe this video has been posted here but... Au Pied de Cochon:
Went to the exposition on Saturday... really interesting, especially downstairs... was it actually what I think it was? The stickers under the pics made it, some of them were really good. My girlfriend thought it was good, too.
H&M has got some perfectly comfortable and fitting sweatpants for under $30.
Cool, I got what I wanted from this thread. Thanks.
I'm looking to plan a little weekend getaway with my girl for NYE and I'd like to be in NYC. Does anyone have any hotel recommendations and/or other alternatives? Thanks
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