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Are the SC 3/4s pretty slim? 6'2 210 = XL? And what about the FH Light Iron Short Sleeve? 46?
This thread is absolutely fantastic and, unlike 90% of other threads in this forum, actually full of quality information. I'm not moving as fast as Rambo but I will be following his path.
Selling my Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. Bought a year ago, worn a handful of times (maybe 4-5 total) and still in perfect condition. Very rugged jacket, super warm. Selling because I am moving somewhere warm, no need for this anymore. Size: 44 Color: gray/black Asking $240 shipped in North America.
I just saw the latest episode. Still dig the show. By the post count over time on this thread though it's obvious that people don't like it as much as the first few seasons.
Also looking for Vancouver housing... Moving to the city in September... looking for a place to live... UBC Grad student... myself +1. Help a brother out!
I ride Burton Custom X, Co2 and Ion.
Read this:
I was there last year and I will be again this year, already got my tickets.
Well I just visited Austin (and thus Texas, I'm from Canada) for the first time and went to The Salt Lick. It was great. I would go again, in a heartbeat.
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